"Oregon Core is amazing! I have been working out doing Tabata with Christine Moss Schultek for 4 weeks. She has me doing things I never thought I could do and to see the progress in this short time has gotten me even more motivated...waiting for results is the biggest challenge when you want it to happen fast. We took pictures when I started and after completing 4 weeks, I was in awe with the change in that time frame without altering my food intake drastically. I'm getting s...tronger, more defined, and feel great! And better yet, it's helping me stay focused and more productive at work. Typically people dont notice until 8 or 12 weeks but im hearing from family, friends and coworkers! I'm so grateful for her enthusiasm, it's given me inspiration that i haven't felt in years. If u can't get in the groove, give Oregon Core a chance to get you where you want to be. It's motivated me and if I can accomplish in the next 6 months what I did in 4 weeks, then I'm smiling all the way to the bank...a personalized approach that's affordable - better than any money I invested in health clubs and diets in the past...and love that she comes to me! Thank you Christine for everything, I am so happy and look forward to seeing more results with you! Ur the bestest". Jeanne Corcoran  Madison, WI
"Her motivation is so inspiring. My husband and I are able to work out together in our own home. Christine is so encouraging and tough at the same time. At the end of every workout I know I have done more than the last time, and that always feels good!" Lisa Yeakley  Oregon, WI
"I have been working with Christine for about month now, and I can't thank her enough. Her motivation and inspiration is just what I needed. I can feel myself getting stronger each day, and my energy level is threw the roof. Thank you Christine for helping me make changes and taking this journey with me". Lindsey Scheidegger Fitchburg, WI 

"Thanks for the challenging, fun, intense, "know it's working", hate ...you/love you work outs!!! Absolutely love that you are kicking my butt!! Anyone who needs a great personal trainer, she is amazing". Aimee Halverson Oregon, WI